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In October of 1908, the Steubenville Country Club was formally organized: Harry D. Wintringer, President; Harry D. Westfall, Vice President; Alexander C. Douglas, Secretary; Van Horn Ely, Elmer E. Francy, Horatio G. Dohrman, John E. Mcgowan, William McDonald Miller, and Samuel C. Gill formed a not for profit corporation, and signed “The Articles of Incorporation of Steubenville Country Club” on 29 October 1908. These men and others in Steubenville recognized the splendid social advantage that a country club would offer. A site along the Steubenville-Toronto Pike Road, about a mile north of Stanton Park, was leased from Dohrman J. Sinclair for this country retreat.

After the clubhouse fire in June 1920, the members continued to use the golf course overlooking the Ohio River in the 1920 and 1921 seasons. During the spring of 1921, on the newly acquired Lovers’ Lane property, a new nine hole golf course was being constructed. A reception was held on, 15 May 1923, for the grand opening of the new club house. Over many years Steubenville Country Club’s traditional and beautiful white clubhouse was a landmark of the community. The tragic fire of 1959 completely destroyed the lovely structure. The furniture, equipment, records, and memorabilia were lost.

On Friday, 30 June 1961, a formal ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurated the opening of the clubhouse. This dedication was attended by three hundred fifty and commenced the four day program. In June 1963 a long range planning committee was appointed by the president of the board. The committee was charged to undertake a proposed program to develop additional club facilities. The committee proposed, as a primary objective, to acquire land in order to develop nine additional golf holes, that is, an improved gold course of eighteen holes. In 1964 the professional’s shop was moved from the main clubhouse and that area used to enlarge the stag grill room. Thus creating the club today.

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